Ivindo National Park

Ivindo National Park-Western Lowland Gorilla Trekking Tours

Ivindo National Park is a national park in east-central Gabon in Central Africa, straddling the border of the Ogooué-Ivindo and Ogooué-Lolo provinces. The park covers 300,000 hectares and Physical features include the Ivindo River, the park is the main tributary to the Ogooué, and Mount Kingué (749 m) and Mount Ngouadi (870 m).

Average rainfall is 1672 mm, with peaks in rainfall between September and December, and February and May. Violent thunderstorms occur seasonally, and can sometimes generate localized tornadoes, especially on the Ipassa Plateau; the disturbances caused by this effect may be responsible for the fact that this forest superficially resembles secondary forest. Average temperature is 23.9 °C (measured at Makokou a few kilometers from the northern park border), with seasonal variation of around 3.3 °C.

Since 2001, before the park’s creation, the Wildlife Conservation Society has studied and protected the southern region of the park, concentrated at Langoué Bai, with the support of what is now the Gabonese National Parks Agency (ANPN). In 2004 Wildlife Conservation Society constructed a purpose-built camp 3 km from Langoué Bai, with accommodation and offices for researchers, providing important insights into bai ecology and a protective presence against poacher.

Unfortunately, due to its very basic nature and location deep at the center of the park, the camp is only able to host a small number of visitors each year because the camp can only be accessed on foot, and travelers should expect to carry their luggage.

Getting there

Gabon is a country where the smallest infrastructure project is a battle between man and nature. The road network is limited and journeys are long and slow in reaching anywhere in the interior.The park can be reached by taking the Trans-Gabon railway from Libreville or Lope National Park, by private plane, by boat, or on foot. Travel by air is by charter of private aircraft that lands at Makokou near Ipassa.

When is best time to visit Ivindo National Park?

The park is best visited during the dry season of June to August when the days are warm and sunny,The rest of the year is rainy season with temperatures below 25ºC although lighter rains are January to February.

Attractions in Ivindo National Park

Travelers to Ivindo National Park have a variety of activities to do depending on their travel interests and time. With no doubt, the park is Gabon’s most visited tour destination for most if not all travelers to the pearl of Africa and below are popular activities to do in Ivindo National Park

Gorilla Trekking

There are chances of watching unhabituated western lowland gorilla families in the bai , as well as one of the last relativity intact populations of forest elephants. common chimpanzee, African forest buffalo, red river hog and sitatunga,

Kongou Waterfalls

Explore Kongou waterfalls that is situated in the heart of the Ivindo National Park, are among the most beautiful and impressive waterfalls in the African forests and can be reached by pirogue from Makokou going down the Ivindo river for 3 to 5 hours

kayaking and canoeing.

Take a ride along the Ivindo and Djidji rivers in a dugout canoe  and enjoy the park from a different, tranquil perspective. On some trips, you will meander through swamps to palm trees and watch as palm wine is extracted

Bird watching

There are more than 430 bird species  recorded within the park and notable bird species include grey-necked rock fowl,  large concentrations of African grey parrots  making it one of the most rewarding bird-spotting regions in Africa and a thriving butterfly population,

Cultural Encounters

The visit to Bakota, Fang and Bakwele communities will reward you with cultural and spiritual experiences and these communities are best known for their wooden reliquary figures which are abstract anthropomorphic carvings.