Kahuzi-Biega National Park

Kahuzi Biega National Park-Eastern Lowland Gorilla Trekking Tours

Kahuzi Biega national park lies west of the Bakavu town in South Kivu Province, named after two dormant volcanoes that is Mount Kahuzi and Mount Biega that slumber within its 6,000km2 of forest, this national park protects mountains rain forest, bamboo forest, marshland and rivers, providing rich habitat for a huge variety of wildlife.

Eastern lowland gorillas are its most famous inhabitants and the largest gorilla species, other primates include the eastern chimpanzee, owl-faced monkey and mammals include the bush elephant, bush buffalo, hylochere and bongo, Aquatic civet, eastern needle-clawed galago, Maclaud’s horseshoe bat, Ruwenzori least otter shrew, hippo and bush babies.

The park is a rich birding habitat with more than 220 birds of which 42 are endemic to the region and some of the birds recorded in the park include Yellow-crested Helmet-shrike, Rockefeller sunbird, Grauer’s swamp warbler, Crimson wing, African green broad bill, Congo peacock, Alberitne owlet, Chaplin mountain babbler, paradise fly catcher, olive greenbul, Kivu ground thrush, and many other species.

Activities in kahuzi Biega Park

The national park is a new tourism site that has been less traveled hence offering the adventure kind of experience unique to the travelers making it a hidden secret

Lowland Gorilla trekking

Accommodating the largest gorilla specie in the whole world, the national park has become a top attraction for lowland gorilla tours in Africa and two eastern lowland gorilla families have been habituated and ready for trekking.  Trekking gorillas time can range from 30 minutes to six hours in the jungle but an hour strictly is spent interacting with the gorilla after reaching them.

Volcano Hiking

There are two inactive volcanic mountains within the heart of the national park, which trekkers participate in hiking. Mount kahuzi is the highest sanding at an elevation of 3,308meters above sea level. Alongside mount, Biega is another active volcano in the national park which stands at 2,790m above sea level. The summits of the two volcanoes provide travelers with clear views of entire national park, wildlife there and the neighboring communities and countries.


Being a home to approximately 342 bird species 42 0f that are endemic to the national park the park is a paradise for bird lovers and Among the birds spotted include African green broad bill, yellow crested helmet-shrike, Congo peafowl and Rockefeller’s and many others.

Nature walks

Travelers here follow trails in the tropical rain forest to different tourism sites and some of the trails include the Tshibiti waterfalls trail leading to the three waterfalls found in the Park. Experienced guides lead travelers and help in spotting different vegetation types and wildlife in the national park. By the time travelers leave the forest; they have clear minds and more knowledge about wildlife in the national park hence a memorable experience.