Lobéké National Park

Lobéké National Park

Lobéké National Park is located on the extreme southeast region of Cameroon in the Congo Basin, and covers an area of 217,855 hectares. the park is one part of the Congo Basin Sangha River Tri-national Protected area (STN), the two others being Dzanga Sangha Special Reserve in Central African Republic and Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park in Republic of Congo. Combine a trip to Lobéké with Nouabalé-Ndoki, both home to western lowland gorillas and chimpanzees. Gorilla trekking here is very remote, but with fewer ‘habituated’ gorillas and also very few tourists.

Activities in Lobéké National Park

Lobéké National Park Park offers myriad of unique attractions and activities that let you choose your own vacation speed and below are some of the activities.

Gorilla Trekking

The park has some of the highest concentrations of western lowland gorillas and forest elephants in Africa and also very few tourists.

wildlife viewing

Wildlife viewing centers around forest clearings, where mineral deposits prevent trees from growing. The forest animals visit the clearings to lick or eat the mineral rich soil and they include monkeys, sitatunga, elephant footprints, buffalo and chimpanzee.

Bird watching

There are 300 bird species and spotted ones include African Green pigeons, egrets, African Grey parrots, mongoose, pangolins during at night because the are nocturnal.


There are Over a hundred fish species are found in the park, which is home to the Baka people who hunt and gather food from the forest.

Boat and Canoe ride

Explore Lobe River and next sail by canoe to pygmies camp and visit to the pygmies sand witched by traditional dance, then board canoe and return to Kribi. visit Lobe waterfalls, get relax at the white sandy beach