Odzala-Kokoua National Park

Gorilla Trekking in Odzala-Kokoua National Park

Odzala National Park is located in the north-west of the Republic of Congo, Founded in 1935 and covers 13,600 km2. The park is known as “one of the most important strongholds for forest elephant and western gorilla conservation remaining in Central Africa” In the Cuvette-Ouest Region of the Republic of the Congo.

Odzala-Kokoua National Park or Odzala National Park is a national park in the Republic of the Congo and is home to a significant population of western lowland gorillas, including family groups that have been habituated to human presence. Gorilla trekking in Congo is unique in that departing from camp on foot, you can be with a family within the hour. There is also the opportunity to go gorilla trekking for three consecutive days, whereas in other countries permits are issued for one day only, and occasionally two. This option allows you to spend more time experiencing various family groups, and comparing the intriguing differences in personality and dynamics.

Where to stay in Odzala National Park

Accommodation in Odzala-Kokoua National Park is made up of three camps and these camps offer a unique opportunity to witness 11 species of primates including Western Lowland Gorilla and Chimpanzee in a beautiful and distinctive safari location.

Ngaga Camp

The camp is set in the heart of a rainforest block, small and personal, perfectly located for Gorilla tracking in the Odzala-Kokoua National Park. The camp consists of only six guest rooms, each with a wrap-around walkway which gives a wonderful experience of being surrounded by the rainforest.Three of the rooms are located to the left of the area where the office, dining-room, lounge and fire deck are, and another three to the right of the arrivals/reception area. The property is fronted with a fire deck, lounge, rest room and dining room.

Mboko Camp

Mboko Camp is larger than the other two camps and has 12 bungalows/cabins at the Lekoli River bank in Odzala-Kokoua National Park. In this area, habitats range from grassland to tropical rain forest and lighter woodland, so wildlife is diverse. The 10 cabins are doubles and two of which are for families, spaced sufficiently far apart to afford a feeling of privacy. Meals are very good. Each cabin has a deck with chairs and has been constructed using natural materials.

Lango Camp

The camp is located at the western boundary of the Odzala-Kokoua National Park and is set in dense equatorial rain forest, with each of its six suites overlooking Lango Bai. Locally- sourced, natural materials have been used extensively in the construction of the camp and this includes sustainably-harvested hardwoods, bamboo and raffia palm matting. The six rooms are on raised platforms with 360 degree wrap-around viewing walkway, en suite bathroom with shower, flush toilet, fans and a safe. Three are to the left of the office/arrivals area and three to the right of it. In the front of the camp, is a fire deck, dining room, lounge and rest room

Activities in Odzala-Kokoua National Park

Odzala-Kokoua National Park offers myriad of unique attractions and activities that let you choose your own vacation speed and below are some of the activities.

Western lowland gorilla Trekking

Western Lowland Gorillas can be observed in two different ways while in Odzala: either through tracking two habituated groups using the impressive skills of our expert local Mbeti trackers, or by patiently waiting at hides on the edge of forest bais for family groups to forage on the sedges that is water-loving grasses.
As a result of the work done by gorilla researchers Dr Magda Bermejo and German Illera, a number of habituated groups can be tracked and observed in the area around Ngaga Camp. In this extended 30km2 area there are no fewer than 7 groups totaling 105 individual gorillas.

Wildlife viewing

There are a variety of animals species seen in the area around Lango Camp and Mbouebe Bais, along the Lekoli River and in the Savannah. They include forest elephant, chimpanzees, guereza colobus, grey cheeked mangabey, moustached monkey, forest Buffalo, bongo, sitatunga, black-fronted duiker,

Bird Watching

There are over 400 bird species recorded in odzala national park and they include the African fish eagle, black-backed cisticola, black-throated palish, black-winged pratincole, eastern wattled cuckoo shrike, forest robin, forest wood hoopoe, great snipe,green pigeon, grey parrot,grey-headed broad bill, lesser kestrel, pel,s fishing owl,pied kingfisher, red-capped weaver, herons, horn bills and kingfisher are also present, including the goliath heron, black dwarf horn bill and giant kingfisher.

Boat cruise on Lekoli River

Embark on a boat safari down the Lekoli River observing the diverse fauna of the forest or go for a guided morning kayaking on the  River followed by walk upstream to the lango bai .  A gentle paddle through flooded forests of the park will produce excellent bird and wildlife sightings.

Visit of Mbomo village on the way to Mboko Camp

Enjoy a night walk in the forest, looking out for elusive nocturnal creatures such as galagos and pottos and also visit a nearby village to learn more about sustainable forest lifestyles and how people make the most of all that Nature provides in such a remote location.