Tayna Gorilla  Reserve

Gorilla trekking in Tayna Gorilla  Reserve

The Tayna Gorilla Reserve is located in a part of North Kivu Province known for its rich biodiversity, and covers an area of 700 kilometers squared of primary forest in the Bamate and Batagi collectivizes in Lubero territory, the reserve were created with an aim of protecting and habituating about 450 Grauers gorillas in the Eastern part of Congo part of north Kivu. The endless of the magnificent reserve are simply breath taking as it’s positioned in an area of the transitioning of the great Albertine rift valley to the Congo river hence providing panoramic views  and other rare animals such as bonobos, okapis, chimpanzees, antelopes, leopards, crocodiles of the Nile, and forest elephants.

Tayna national reserve has received an equal status by the Congolese government just like its national parks hence the support it gets from various organizations and the government to support its growth into a conservation area.

A one chief known as Pierre Kakule initiated other chiefs in the region who supported him in forming this reserve to help many of the Bamati and the Batangi people, many of who were affected by civil wars that left many children orphaned the reserve now set up an institution in support of this children and creation of awareness of the importance of conserving the environment for sustainable tourism.

Tayna gorilla reserve was created on April 1998 owned and protected by the locals of the nearby villages; the reserve has since received donations from non government organizations like conservation international and the Walt Disney Company in support of the protection of the reserve.

Activities at Tayna gorilla reserve

Travelers to Tayna gorilla reserve have a variety of activities to do depending on their travel interests and time and below are popular activities to do in Tayna gorilla reserve

Gorilla trekking

Trekking of the endangers Grauers gorillas is the most common activity here however, tourists will also come across other primates such as chimpanzees, Okapi, bonobos, antelopes, leopards, crocodiles of the Nile, and forest elephants.

Wildlife viewing

A part from gorilla trekking tourists can views other animals like chimpanzees, Okapi, bonobos, antelopes, leopards, crocodiles of the Nile, and forest elephants.

Bird watching

Bird watching at the reserve can be done during the gorilla trekking some of the birds here are migratory while others are residential the exact number of species is yet to be known.

Nature guided walks

Nature guided walks can be taken at the Tayna gorilla sanctuary with a bonus of seeing wildlife, birds, plant species, insects, butterflies and many more.